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Primary assessment campaign update

In the long term, the whole system of primary assessment needs a significant overhaul. NAHT are discussing these long term issues with the DfE and we are also in joint union discussions over assessment.  Our independent Assessment Review Group continues to meet to develop an alternative vision for assessment.

However, we now know that the Department intends to apply the interim frameworks for another year in 2016/17.

We have listened to what members have said about the operation of the interim frameworks in 2015/16 and we are working to negotiate some changes to gain some improvements in the short term.

NAHT has written to the new Secretary of State to highlight further member concerns with the assessment of both writing and reading. The focus of these concerns are the use of secure fit and the statements referring to handwriting and spelling in writing, and, in reading, the accessibility of the papers for all pupils.

We have raised your concerns about LA moderation of writing with the DfE and STA, including the:

•    Inconsistent use of scaled scores in KS1 moderation
•    Definition of the sample base
•    Evidence expected by the LA
•    Requests for pupil data in advance of moderation
•    Importance of professional dialogue
•    Definition of independently produced work and the use of assessment objectives
•    Number of moderators sent by the LA

In addition, NAHT have met with the DfE to discuss particular issues with the reading and GPS tests. NAHT raised concerns about the reading tests regarding the ordering of questions, selection of texts, accessibility for pupils particularly those with SEND and the time limit on the test. In terms of GPS we asked for clarification on the importance of the formation of punctuation and how this was reflected in the mark scheme.

NAHT are in active discussion about these concerns and we will keep you informed of our progress on them.

First published 15 December 2017