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Pre-key stage standards published for use in 2018/19

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The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) has published the new pre-key stage standards at  key stage one  and  key stage two  for use from the 2018/19 academic year. Pre-key stage standards are for pupils who are working below the overall standard of national curriculum assessments, but who are engaged in subject-specific study.

STA have released a video where Diane Rochford and Janet Thompson explain more about the pre-key stage standards which you can watch here .

In summer 2019, teachers must use these pre-key stage standards to make statutory teacher assessment judgements at the end of key stage one or key stage two for pupils who are working below the national curriculum teacher assessment frameworks, and above P scale four.

If a pupil is working below these standards, teachers should report their outcomes using  P scales  one to four.

NAHT worked closely with STA in the review and drafting of the pre key stage standards, and we are pleased more positive terminology has been adopted that better captures the positive achievements of pupils.

Commenting in the Department for Education's  press release , NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman said: "Every child has the right to see their progress properly recognised in school. NAHT supported the Rochford Review's principle that the assessment for pupils working below the standard of the national curriculum should align with the new national curriculum, and we endorsed the decision to undertake a review of the pre-key stage standards, involving curriculum and assessment experts from the special and mainstream sectors.

"The new standards are an improvement on what we had before. They offer a more inclusive statutory assessment system, where all pupils are able to transition onto the national curriculum if and when they are ready."


Last updated 24 January 2019