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Pearson confirms qualifications included in 2019 performance tables


At the start of this term, the Department for Education (DfE) finalised performance tables in England for 2019 results. Pearson has now confirmed which of its qualifications will be included and what the next steps are for any submissions where the DfE has asked for further changes. 

In a small number of subject areas, some of Pearson’s new qualifications have not yet fully met the requirements. Pearson’s development teams are working to make the changes the government requires; in most cases, it can offer schools alternatives that are approved for reporting in the 2019 performance tables and available to teach this term. 

To make it as simple as possible for teachers to know what’s included in performance tables, Pearson has created a complete list on its website that covers 2018 and 2019 results. Pearson will add qualifications for 2020 as it submits them to the DfE. 

March and June 2017 submissions for 2019 tables: a summary 

Pearson submitted some qualifications during the spring and summer terms 2017, and it is aware many teachers have been waiting for the DfE to confirm whether the qualifications will be included in performance tables for 2019 results. 

For easy reference, Pearson has created a summary of just those titles (see below). It shows which are approved and which are in redevelopment for the 2020 tables.  

You can find a full list of qualifications from all Awarding Organisation approved for inclusion in the 2019 School and College performance tables (2019 results) on the DfE's website.

 This document includes:

  • Pearson qualifications on performance tables in England (2019 results) Information for Schools – September 2017
  • What’s available on Lists from Pearson
  • March and June 2017 submissions for 2019 tables: a summary
  • Technical Awards 2019 results (Key Stage 4; 14-16) - March and June 2017 submissions only
  • Applied General 2019 results (16-18; Level 3) - March and June 2017 submissions only
First published 28 September 2017