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New draft early learning goals released by the government

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In its response to the primary assessment consultation, the government made a commitment to review the early learning goals that are used to assess pupil attainment at the end of the reception year.

The government's stated aims in reviewing the goals were:

  • To make them clearer and ensure greater 'alignment' with the Key Stage 1 curriculum
  • To explore ways of reducing teacher workload, particularly in relation to the moderation process. 

The DfE has now released the new goals in draft form, the details of which can be found here.

Crucially, the new goals will now be subject to a pilot during 2018-19, which will be evaluated by the Education Endowment Fund (EEF).  Following this, there will also be a further public consultation. NAHT has called for the proposed changes to be independently evaluated through a formal trial and are therefore pleased to see the government take this course of action before a national rollout is considered.

We have also been supportive of the government's efforts to reduce teacher workload through these reforms. We know from our members that the moderation process and the evidence gathering this often leads to can be burdensome for schools and so an attempt to reduce these burdens is welcome.

Throughout the review process, which NAHT has been heavily involved in, we have urged the government to balance its aim to achieve greater alignment between the goals and the key stage one curriculum with a need to ensure that the goals are developmentally appropriate.

To see a more detailed response to this announcement, you may be interested to read a blog written for TES by Edge Director, James Bowen who has given his views on the proposed changes.

First published 29 June 2018