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NAHT supports statutory PSHE and SRE in schools

Today, the PSHE Association publishes a fresh report into outlining the case for statutory PSHE in schools.

Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT said: "Teaching children about the rights and responsibilities - especially when they are young - can take courage, and this shouldn't have to be the case; the government needs to back teachers by making PSHE a statutory part of the curriculum.

“A broad entitlement, rather than a prescriptive curriculum, provides freedom for schools to make their own judgements about what is appropriate locally but also helps protect them from external pressures to avoid or censor these topics.”

“All children need and deserve this development, delivered at the appropriate time and age, by confident and well-trained staff. PSHE should be included at an appropriate level in teacher training to give the profession the confidence to teach a sometimes difficult subject.

“There are schools that are already leading the way. It can be done. We should build on existing good practice and support this with high-quality professional development for key teachers, such as the heads of PSHE among our membership, but also for non-teaching staff like school nurses.”

First published 08 February 2018