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Pearson are a UK's awarding body. Their academic qualifications include Edexcel GCSE, Edexcel A level, Edexcel International GCSE and the Edexcel Certificate (International GCSE for UK state schools). Their vocational qualifications include Edexcel NVQ and BTEC from entry level to Higher National Diplomas.


  • You can access information about Pearson GCSE qualifications here
  • You can access information about Pearson A Level qualifications here
  • You can access information about Pearson vocational qualifications here.

Feedback and complaints

For questions about qualifications, products and services or to leave feedback and/or make a complaint, you can contact Pearson here

Policy Watch

Policy Watch is Pearson's regular policy update service, covering national and international developments in the world of education. You can sign-up to Policy Watch here.

Pearson confirms the introduction of "near pass" grade for most BTEC nationals

  • Pearson has confirmed that it will be introducing an N grade or "near pass" for most BTEC nationals (RQF, teaching from 2016). This means that learners can pass the qualification without passing the external assessment as long as they achieve the N grade and meet all other eligibility requirements, which remain unchanged. Learners will be able to do this if they narrowly miss the pass grade and still achieve enough points throughout the qualification.
  • These changes come into effect immediately and retrospectively for all learners who were registered on the new BTEC Nationals (RQF) in 2016 or 2017. Pearson has contacted all centres about this, and it will be in touch with any centres that have learners who were not eligible for an award when they 'claimed' previously, but who are now eligible for a qualification under the new rules.
  • Please note that these changes only apply to the externally assessed units, and no changes are being made to grades for internally assessed units. You can find further information about this on Pearson's website.

Key updates from latest meeting

NAHT meets with Pearson regularly, both on an individual basis and with other school leaders' and teaching associations. Key updates from the latest meetings are below.

Pearson has developed support for schools for tiering decisions in summer 2019:

First published 20 August 2018