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Important changes in the organisation of Quality in Careers Standard

The current DfE guidance relating to CEIAG in schools strongly recommends that schools should work towards one of the 12 careers awards approved by QiCS. NAHT is a member of the validation board and takes part in validation activities.

The 12 providers have agreed that they will move towards a single award licensed by QiCS. This follows a recommendation made by the Education Select Committee.

NAHT welcomes this streamlined approach because it will further strengthen the already robust quality assurance process in place.

More than 1000 schools and colleges currently hold or are working towards a recognised award, and it is anticipated that the refreshed DfE guidance, expected in the spring, will further emphasise the desirability of validating the school's CEIAG provision in this way.

A new QiCS website has been launched ( 

First published 07 February 2018