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16 -18 minimum standards for 2016

The DfE has made the following announcement:

'Ministers have just agreed that the 2016 16-18 minimum standard, which is now a progress-based rather than an attainment-based measure and no longer has interim status, will be as follows:

In the 2015 to 2016 academic year, the thresholds, ie value-added score in grades set by the Department for academic and Applied General qualifications, are minus 0.50 and minus 0.75 respectively.

For academic qualifications, we expect that over 90% of eligible providers will score between minus 0.50 and plus 0.30; and for Applied General qualifications, over 90% of eligible providers are expected to score between minus 0.70 and plus 0.90.

The link to the information can be found here. 

The details of how schools and colleges have performed against the academic and Applied General standards will be published in the 16-18 Performance Tables in January 2017. The Tech Level minimum standard cannot be set until March 2017. This measure is being introduced for 2015 to 2016 academic year outcomes, and the data is not expected to become available until March 2017. Further information will be issued then.

 No decisions have been made yet about where to set the 2017 standard, but Ministers have an aspiration to raise expectations.

First published 07 February 2018