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Matters that concern you as an employee - know your rights and make sure you're treated fairly. 

  • paternity389x267 Paternity leavePaternity leave is granted for the purposes of caring for a child or supporting the... 16/04/2018
  • Guide on maternity leave Expecting? Read our guide to find out what you're entitled to when on maternity leave. We look at eligibility, when you can start it, how long it can last and your right to return to work. 20 January 2016
  • Job share and flexible working Our handy guide looks at the benefits of flexible working, headship/leadership group job sharing and management of job sharing. 20 January 2016
  • Time off for Fertility Treatment There is no stand-alone statutory right to take leave for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment 29 July 2015
  • Facilities time: important information Local authorities are being asked to review and simplify the factors through which funding is delegated to schools. There are only 10 formula factors; some of these are mandatory, others are... 01 October 2012
  • Advertising Head and Deputy Posts: Wales interview.jpgLegislative requirements around the advertisement of head and deputy head teacher posts in Wales 26 June 2012
  • School Teacher Appraisal: Wales SBMs conf 389x267The School Teacher Appraisal (Wales) Regulations 2011, which came into force on 1 January 2012, oblige each governing body, local authority and head teacher to review the School Performance... 19 June 2012
  • Sick Pay FAQs stressed teachers.jpgFAQs on Sick pay /leave in maintained schools in England and Wales where the "Conditions of Service for School Teachers in Engalnd and Wales" (commonly known as the Burgundy Book) has been... 12 July 2011
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