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Matters that concern you as an employee - know your rights and make sure you're treated fairly. 

  • paternity389x267 Paternity leavePaternity leave is granted for the purposes of caring for a child or supporting the... 06/08/2018
  • Pension fact sheet 10 - leaving teaching? pension.jpgGeneral guidance on matters that members of the Teachers' Pension Schemes should consider or undertake when considering leaving teaching employment. 15 September 2017
  • Pension fact sheet 11 - Re-employment pension.jpgHighlights the obligations that members of the Teachers' Pension Schemes (Northern Ireland and England & Wales) have to the scheme administrators when they are re-employed either in teaching or other... 15 September 2017
  • Pension fact sheet seven - ill health retirement pension.jpgAdvice on all aspects relating to consideration and application for ill health retirement for members of the Teachers' Pension Schemes for England, Wales and Northern Ireland 15 September 2017
  • Pension fact sheet six - early retirement pension.jpgAdvice and guidance on how and when members of the Teachers' Pension Schemes for Northern Ireland and England & Wales are able to collect their benefits earlier than their normal pension age. 15 September 2017
  • Pension fact sheet two - demystifying membership of the TPS pension.jpgExplains to which teachers' scheme members contribute; whether they have received full, partial or zero protection under their former scheme; how their benefits are assessed and when they become... 15 September 2017
  • TUPE a guide to the regulations signing contract.jpgThis advice note sets out the purpose of the regulations, what's covered by the regulations and the respective employer and employee positions in a typical TUPE transfer. 12 September 2017
  • Resignation dates and notice periods for teaching staff resignation.jpgSummary of the provision for submission of resignation in respect of teaching staff. 22 May 2017
  • Work-life balance frequently asked questions calendar planner.jpgA set of questions and answers that explain working time regulations, work-life strategies and the statutory duty of care for the work-life balance of school staff. 28 October 2016
  • STPCD: Managment time FAQs October 2016 Ofsted short inspections 389x267This new advice answers some common questions relating to management time for school leaders and staff. 28 September 2016
  • Redundancy guidance, policy and process restructuring.jpgThis set of documents to provide helpful, practical advice about redundancy; including a general introduction to the redundancy process, a model redundancy policy and a model redundancy process,... 27 September 2016
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