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Matters that concern you as an employee - know your rights and make sure you're treated fairly. 

  • Working time/directed time FAQs Ofsted short inspections 389x267A set of questions and answers that explain when teachers and school leaders are expected to work, including directed time, working time and requests to work during the weekend and school holidays. 18 May 2021
  • Termination agreements Agreement 389x267.jpgTermination agreements are agreements between an employee and employer that set out the conditions of termination of employment, often as a result of restructuring, a difference of opinion, a... 06 May 2021
  • Sections 44 and 100 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 legislation.jpgThis advice note provides some suggested steps for members to take who are considering using the mechanisms set out in the Employment Rights Act where they have concerns regarding safety in their... 03 January 2021
  • Part-time working in schools work - staff meeting.jpgA school leader's guide to part-time working in schools 21 August 2020
  • Pension fact sheet 10 - leaving teaching? pension.jpgThis fact sheet provides information and guidance if you are considering leaving teaching. Whether you are retiring on grounds of age or ill health, are taking early retirement or have been awarded... 07 August 2020
  • Pension fact sheet 11 - Re-employment pension.jpgThis fact sheet highlights the responsibilities that you must undertake to reduce the likelihood of an overpayment of your pension scheme. 07 August 2020
  • Pension fact sheet eight - phased retirement pension.jpgThis fact sheet provides advice on an option for teachers aged 55 or older to reduce their hours/salary and collect from their teachers' pension scheme some of their accrued benefits so that they can... 07 August 2020
  • Pension fact sheet five - preparing for early retirement pension.jpgThis fact sheet gives guidance on the financial considerations for early retirement. 07 August 2020
  • Pension fact sheet four - age retirement pension.jpgAdvice for members of the Teachers' Pension Schemes (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) on the process for applying for their benefits when they reach their normal pension age. 07 August 2020
  • Pension fact sheet nine - how to increase retirement income pension.jpgThis fact sheet includes information about the opportunities within the final salary and career average arrangement within the Teachers' Pension Schemes (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) for... 07 August 2020
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