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Executive headship: implications for the pay and conditions of all members of the leadership group in maintained schools

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The term ‘executive head’ is a loosely-used label applied in a number of different scenarios. First, it’s important to note that the posts of executive head, associate head, head of school, etc are not defined in legislation and therefore unknown to the current statutory framework in maintained schools. The statutory framework recognises the posts of head teacher, deputy head teacher and assistant head teacher in relation to the leadership group.

It’s of concern, particularly in relation to deputy and assistant heads working within federations, that members are taking on duties and accountabilities that are outside of their statutory professional responsibilities and not being appropriately recognised for it in their levels of pay. In addition, we believe that some executive heads are assuming duties that are effectively placing them outside of the current legislation, which may have consequences in relation to their pay and conditions.

This document sets out some of the possible issues. However, to fully understand the complexities of the problem, it’s important to appreciate the current statutory framework.

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