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Working with the media

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​In 'Working with the media, part one', we look at the role of the head teacher or school leader, together with the chair of governors, representing your school and occasional dealings with the media. This guidance aims to help and advise you if you are contacted by the media, handling bad press and commenting on wider education.

'Working with the media, part two' contains tips from school leaders and guidance from experts on giving interviews and making the most of the media opportunities, which are an important part of NAHT's work to influence policy for the benefit of leaders and learners everywhere.

And in 'Working with the media, part three' we consider that you may occasionally find yourself or your school attracting attention from the media that you'd prefer to avoid. This last in the series of three documents focuses on dealing with these difficult situations and planning crisis communications. It outlines the steps you can take to deal with these challenging circumstances with confidence.

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