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UNISON industrial action in Derby

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UNISON announced on 28 February 2017 a further ten days of strike action involving teaching assistants (TAs) in Derby. This is in relation to changes to pay that Derby City Council has made.

The strike action will affect the running of schools, but it is important to note that those TAs taking action are in dispute with the City Council and not with your school. As such, it is important that NAHT members take action to ensure their obligations to children and parents are discharged, but that they do so in a way that avoids inflaming the already tense industrial relations backdrop. Your TAs will remain an important part of your team when the dispute comes to an end. 

As with all industrial action in schools, the most important consideration for NAHT members is the continued safety of children, staff and visitors. NAHT members are under a duty to keep their school open. If a school cannot remain open because safety can’t be guaranteed, our members must make a determination whether to opt for a partial or full school closure. Decisions to keep the school open, partially open or closed, must only be taken on these (and not on ideological) grounds or because of pressure from the local authority.

We have prepared a template letter to parents to accompany this advice note that you can use to keep them informed about issues they might need to consider and plan for on the day. We have also produced Frequently Asked Questions that complements this advice note and deals with many of the questions you or your colleagues might have before and on the day.

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