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Our position on this Friday's climate change action planned by pupils

You may have seen the coverage regarding climate change action scheduled for this Friday (15 February). In some stories, an NAHT spokesperson was quoted as supporting the action.

To clarify, while we were not misquoted the nuance of our point was lost. Our position is very much that a school leader’s job is to ensure children attend school and receive a good quality of education. NAHT does not condone young people missing out on an education as a consequence of supporting action.

There is no reason why a young person’s desire to get involved in social issues should get in the way of their schooling. 

It will be for individual school leaders to decide how best to respond to any proposed protest. Given a number of you may be affected by Friday's action, our advice team have produced this short guidance document which we hope will support school leaders when considering what steps to take and how to respond.