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NAHT's response to the teachers' pension scheme: independent schools proposal consultation

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Our response regarding proposed changes to the participation of independent schools in the teachers’ pension scheme (TPS)

Following the increased employer pension contributions, which were funded by the government in the maintained sector, but funding was not provided for the independent sector, a number of independent school organisations requested an amendment to the legislation to allow a 'mixed economy' approach; it was argued that this would enable more providers to remain in the scheme.  

Under this proposal, existing teachers in individual schools could remain in TPS while employed at that school, with schools then offering alternative provision to new starters only.  

At the end of 2019, the Department for Education (DfE) put this proposal out for formal consultation (you can read details about the consultation here).  

In our response, we outline our opposition to this option. We believe that this could create a two-tier pension provision within a school and would be a further erosion of the principles of the TPS.

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