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Diversity Role Models

Diversity role models

Online course

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NAHT is proud to have Diversity Role Models as its Charity Partner for 2020/21.

Join Diversity Role Models’ Head of Education Jac Bastian for some powerful and invigorating training on promoting diversity in the classroom and beyond. This training will empower you and your staff to feel confident to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity and tackle homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic incidents. You’ll have a more in-depth understanding of bias and learn how to embed inclusion into the school and into their teaching.

This course will cover:

• Homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language and bullying and the impact it has

• Strategies for preventing bullying

• How to adapt policies so they support students and staff as well as meeting Ofsted/ISI requirements

• How to embed inclusion into interactions with parents and students

• Action planning to create LGBT+ inclusive curriculum and lessons, how to mitigate bias and challenge stereotypes in lessons and displays

• Awareness of transgender identity and issues, supporting staff to ensure the school meets the needs of all students in a practical and proactive way.

"Hearing a role model's personal story made me understand how vital it is for educators to challenge homophobia. Our schools need to be safe for all young people"


Course facilitator - Jac Bastian

Jac Bastian, Diversity Role Models’ Head of Education, has held a range of positions in charities engaging young people in political and social issues and is committed to empowering students, staff and the whole school community to create truly inclusive schools. Originally from Swansea, Jac now lives in South London and is passionate about grassroots activism and campaigning.

Locations and Dates

Online course

28 May 2021

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