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Corner Piece: Puzzling out the importance of YOUR resilience

Time: 10:30 - 11:30

Free Course
Facilitator - David Gumbrell

Using the metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle, the session intends to drive a much needed discussion on resilience and well-being. We will attempt to identify the key pieces in that ‘jigsaw’ of well-being. What are the corner pieces, or how can we identify them? What constitutes an edge piece, for you? Come and spend some time thinking of YOU and add self- to the word compassion.


Headteachers and senior leaders in primary, secondary and sixth form from maintained, academies, independent, special and alternative provision settings.


By the end of the session, you will . . .

1) Have had some allocated time to consider yourself and your well-being.

2) Have been reminded of the importance of looking after yourself.

3) Realised the impact of not looking out for your resilience on your ability to be a leader.  


Delegates will have shared in a discussion that outlined ways to incorporate their well-being into their school day.


David Gumbrell

David has researched and published about resilience for the four years since he left Headship. Leaning into his 7 years of leading a school, he presents this experience in a unique style by connecting with his audience to engage their interest before then delivering the connection to the key piece of learning that he wants them to consider and to reflect on. He wrote one of the Discovery Education Pathway courses and has published three books for teachers, LIFT, RISK and SPIN on resilience and decision making and time and task management respectively.