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British Council - access a world of culture, collaboration and learning

At the 2014 NAHT annual conference, the following motion was unanimously passed:

Conference instructs National Executive to continue its valuable work with the British Council and other partners, to support the further development of international leadership networks.

The British Council and NAHT have maintained a long-standing partnership which fully recognises and promotes International learning as an increasingly integral part of the curriculum and learning experience for all in our schools. This means it is important that educational professionals have the skills to take advantage of the opportunities this presents.

The British Council’s connecting classrooms programme offers a range of courses to aid your international development, both online and face to face. Connection classrooms now involves over 8,000 UK schools with international partenrship programmes and links between schools in Europe/globally. Connecting classrooms equips students with a deeper understanding of:

  • other countries and cultures;
  • their rights and responsibilities as global citizens; and
  • the skills needed to work in a global economy and build a fairer, more sustainable world.

Teachers also benefit from:

  • gaining understanding of other countires' education systems;
  • being better equipped to teach about global issues; and
  • improving their own teaching skills.

The British Council schools online partner-finding tool, with over 40,000 registered teachers and 180 countries, is the start of your journey into internationalising your school. You can use filters such as country, language or institution type to find the match that is best suited to your school.

You should also follow our advice on how to find the right partner. This includes guidance on how to increase your chances of success by maintaining a detailed and up-to-date profile.

Once you have established a partnership you can start to think about applying for funding.

To see how this stage fits into your journey, see our guide to international learning.

The British Council international school award supports your school in embedding international learning into the curriculum. Working towards it gives pupils and teachers a new perspective on the world, and the skills to work in a global economy.

  • Uses an easy to follow methodology which can embed global themes into any curriculum subject
  • Has three levels so can be accessed by any school, whatever level of international work has been done in the past
  • Creates links between teachers from other countries, facilitating the sharing of best practice and the development of new skills
  • Gives the school a new ethos and an outwardly facing identity

So what are you waiting for? Enter the world of international learning by clicking on the international schools award (ISA) link  below:

ISA in the UK