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The 1 per cent pay cap has got to go, says NAHT

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Commenting on the release of the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) report on teachers’ pay, Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “This is deeply disappointing given the massive challenges we face for recruitment and retention of teachers. The STRB has had its hands tied. It is now crystal clear that the review body was not able to recommend a pay award based on the evidence. It is straight-jacketed by an overall 1 per cent pay cap, and could not reflect the needs of schools to offer fair pay to their employees. A 2 per cent increase to the main pay scale, and just 1 per cent for upper and leadership scales, will not help retain staff or make leadership roles more appealing.

“The National Audit Office has identified that teachers’ pay has fallen behind relative to other graduate professions, seriously harming chances of hiring and retaining good staff. TUC data shows that a teacher’s salary of £32,831 today would be worth £3,064 less in real terms by 2020. There’s nothing fair about that. Teachers have already recognised this - almost a quarter of teachers who have qualified since 2011 have already left the profession.

“This STRB report is a missed opportunity for the government to tackle the recruitment crisis by improving pay for those working in schools. Ministers are always ready to show gratitude to public sector workers, but less ready to pay them fairly. 

“It is clear that a new approach to pay is needed. The STRB needs a remit that can look beyond a 1 per cent maximum and, crucially, all pay rises must be fully funded into school budgets otherwise they will be meaningless in practice."

Page Published: 11/07/2017