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OECD 'UK heads are best in developed world'
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UK head teachers are the best in the developed world, says OECD

UK heads are the best in the developed world, an international research study has concluded. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which produced the report, praised heads in this country for “doing what school principals should be doing - spending time focused on learning, not administration”.


Published last week, the report - Preparing Teachers and Developing School Leaders for the 21st Century - put UK heads top of an index that showed they were more involved with the details of education and teaching than their counterparts in any other industrialised country.


The organisation sees this concentration on what happens in the classroom as “key” to improving standards.


Russell Hobby, general secretary of the NAHT said: “This is very good news. All the evidence suggests that it is when leaders focus on teaching that they make the most difference. So it is pleasing that British heads are doing that because that is when you see schools really leaping forward.”


The OECD also called on governments to help tackle an international teacher shortage in key subjects by making the profession more attractive to talented graduates. It suggested improving teachers’ pay, social status and professional autonomy as solutions. The report highlighted how England’s school workforce agreement was introduced to relieve teachers from administrative duties and extra workload.




Page Published: 19/03/2012