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DfE guidance on asbestos management
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DfE guidance on asbestos management in schools

asbestos removal
The Department for Education has involved the NAHT and representatives from teaching and support staff unions, governors, employers, Health and Safety Executive and the asbestos trade association in producing national advice on the management of asbestos in schools.  The information is available on this link


The advice is not designed to replace the detailed training that is provided by employers but is intended to give all school leaders a broad understanding of the importance of managing asbestos safely and ensuring that staff and pupils are not exposed to risk.  This is particularly relevant given the recent situation that developed at a 900 pupil High School which lead to the closure of the school following the discovery of asbestos fibres and damaged asbestos containing material in certain areas of the building.

The NAHT would recommend that Head teachers use the document as a “refresher” tool, and that all Deputy and Assistant Heads and those School Business Managers/Bursars with premises responsibilities access it as part of their professional development.  The NAHT would also recommend that governing body members are encouraged to look at the web pages.

Please contact the Specialist Advice team 01444 472472 if you have any queries regarding this issue.

Page Published: 03/12/2012