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Implementation of SEND reforms

The extensive changes to supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities contained in the Children and Families Act comes into effect of 1 September 2014. NAHT is receiving disturbing feedback about both the level of awareness and preparedness for change and the strategies being adopted by some local authorities.

NAHT, with other organisations, is working with the DfE on awareness and has contacted the DfE detailing specific concerns emerging. These include:

  1. The practice of asking individual schools to construct school-based 'local offers'.
  2. Lack of consultation about the content of local offers.
  3. Failure to run draft local offers past schools.
  4. Putting pressure on schools to 'fast-track' transition to education and health care plans with no local authority support.
NAHT believes that such practices are not acceptable and constitute local authorities abdicating their responsibilities. HQ would greatly appreciate evidence from members of concerns such as those listed and any others that are emerging.

Please forward information to jane.evans@naht.org.uk.

Page Published: 30/06/2014