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Why outsourcing your back office services can help create a highly effective school environment

With increasing demands on schools to steer their own ship and develop their own strategies for income generation, cluster collaboration, optimising staff deployment, planning the curriculum and narrowing the attainment gap, head teachers and school business managers are already stretched to their limits in terms of workload.

Getting an external partner to carry out certain back office functions can enable the school’s focus to be placed on teaching and learning, and can alleviate much of the burden of pressure.

However, for many schools, having a third party organisation to fall back on to manage statutory operations such as pay, pensions and HR can be more than just a time saver.

Commenting on the benefits of outsourcing services to an external professional, school business manager Helen Peace from St Joseph’s Catholic College in Swindon said: “As an accounting officer it’s good to have peace of mind that we are complying with all the legislative requirements in the appropriate way.”

Outsourcing can prove cost effective in the longer term. For example, the cost of engaging NAHT Assure to manage your payroll and pension process each month works out up to 50 per cent cheaper than employing a dedicated payroll officer.

Ensuring school operations are equipped to the highest level of skill and professionalism provides another reason for outsourcing certain school management tasks to a third party. Although the role of school business manager is typically fulfilled by highly organised and competent individuals, not everyone can know everything.

As Helen points out: “It’s best to outsource according to your budget and level of capability.”

In other words, if you are lacking in skills in certain areas of your school operation, then help is at hand.

NAHT Assure understand how demanding the role of school business manager is. That’s why we provide professional finance, HR, payroll, property support and facilities staffing services to assist in the back office, making sure they support your efforts to create a highly effective school environment.

If you have any questions regarding the provision of these services please contact the NAHT Assure support team on 0845 519 7001 or email helpdesk@nahtassure.co.uk.

Page Published: 26/03/2015