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Academies Commission report (2013)

A report recently published by the Academies Commission, “Unleashing greatness: Getting the best from an academised system”, recommends that: “there needs to be a new, determined focus on the detailed implementation of the academies programme to ensure that it realises its transformative potential.”

The report recommends that three imperatives should become more central to the academies programme. These are:

  • “to ensure that there is a forensic focus on teaching and its impact on pupils’ learning so that the gap between the vision for academies and practice in classrooms is reduced and the words ‘academisation’ and ‘improvement’ become inextricably and demonstrably linked;

  • to ensure that an increasingly academised system is fair and equally accessible to children and young people from all backgrounds;

  • to ensure that academies demonstrate their moral purpose and professionalism by providing greater accountability to pupils, parents and other stakeholders. The role of governors is more important than ever in an academised system, and their scrutiny and challenge should ensure effective accountability.”

The report states that: “The Commission’s overarching conclusion is that if these imperatives are addressed, it is far more likely that the rapid rise in the number of academies will bring about genuine, systemic transformation. Transformational change in thousands of classrooms needs to be the focus of this next phase of the academies programme, with the goal of establishing a school system that serves all children and young people better than they have been served in the past.”

The full report can be found here: http://www.academiescommission.org/publications-and-press/.



Page Published: 07/03/2013