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School ready report

School leaders and practitioners have been raising concerns with NAHT and Family and Childcare Trust about children’s school readiness for some time. We decided that we would look further into this matter to better understand the issue of school readiness and test the perception that this has declined over recent years. We received 780 responses to our survey on this subject from school leaders in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in June and July 2017.

The findings of our survey confirm that this is an area of concern for school leaders, with 83 per cent of respondents reporting an issue with school readiness and a majority believing this has become worse in the last five years. Respondents identified a number of issues that mean that some children are not ready for school, in particular concern about their speech, language and communication skills were highlighted. The social,  emotional and physical development of some children were also cited as areas of concern. 

Page Published: 01/09/2017