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Training teachers and PSHE for pupils crucial in keeping children safe on social media, says NAHT

Commenting on EPI’s report published today on Social Media and Children’s Mental Health, Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT says: “This report clearly shows the challenges that policy-makers, school leaders and parents face in ensuring the online space is safe for children to use. With internet usage above the OECD average, children in the UK face more of the challenges that using social media can bring.   

“It is important that schools can provide students with safe access to the internet for learning.  The benefits of easy access for pupils are clear – but so are the dangers.  The responsibilities on teachers and schools leaders in this area are huge, and it is a duty schools take very seriously. To secure this, we have consistently called for greater training and support for teachers to be able to keep pace with technological change.


“We look forward to seeing the government’s Internet Safety Strategy this summer. This must be clear that responsibilities are wide, with much social media use happening beyond the school gates. This must include giving teachers the tools they need, and reiterate the government’s commitment to statutory PSHE. One of the best forms of safeguarding is to set aside time to talk to children about the potential dangers of the internet, and to teach them how to stay safe online outside of school. Space in the curriculum for this is essential now more than ever.”

Page Published: 29/06/2017