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Sign up to NAHT's charter for the protection and education of children

NAHT is asking members to sign up to A model media?: The NAHT charter for the protection and education of children, and to voice their support for the document.

More than ever before, children are at risk of exposure to media content inappropriate for their age group. This is something that both schools and parents are deeply concerned about – particularly the increased likelihood of children encountering violent and/or sexual content.

However, there are things we can all do to ensure that material intended for an adult audience is kept away from children. We can do this through making it easier for parents and carers to restrict use of internet-linked devices, encouraging legislation that tightens up existing guidelines and imposing greater penalties for broadcasters who air adult material before 9pm.

A model media? calls on schools, families, policy makers, regulators and the media to recognise our shared responsibility towards children and to work together to keep them safe. Signing up to the charter is a great thing for schools to do for Safer Internet Day on 10 February 2015.

We hope that you are able to support both the principles and recommendations within the charter, if so, please send your name and a message of support to policy@naht.org.uk, and let us know of any activity you are doing to support the charter within their schools.

NAHT’s Safeguarding in education: protected pupils, safer staff  course will update your knowledge of child protection processes and how to apply legislation and statutory guidance effectively in practice.


Page Published: 27/01/2015