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ShelterBox Typhoon Haiyan emergency appeal

Typhoon Haiyan image

The strongest storm ever to make landfall struck the Philippines on 8 November 2013. Super Typhoon Haiyan has caused catastrophic damage, leaving hundreds of thousands of men, women and children without shelter or access to food or water.

ShelterBox Response Team volunteers are now in the country doing all theycan to get aid to families as quickly as possible. Emergency aid has already been located in the Philippines, and more will be arriving from neighbouring countries over the coming days.

The volunteers have never seen devastation like this. The loss of life, the total destruction and the desperation of the survivors is difficult to put into words.

ShelterBox and the NAHT are calling on schools across the nation for your support.  Your help is needed to bring emergency shelter and other essential aid, including water filtration equipment, blankets and groundsheets, to devastated families in their hour of greatest need. 

To talk to someone about how you can get your school involved, please email youngshelterbox@shelterbox.org or call 01326 569782. Or, if you haven’t already, please make a donation today. Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support.

Page Published: 15/11/2013