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PTA UK eases the pressure of the first day of school for parents across the UK

PTA UK, leading membership body for parent teacher associations and registered charity, has teamed up with iChild and Parcelforce to pilot ‘starting school’ welcome packs, which will be delivered to more than 1,400 PTAs across the UK, helping to ease the pressure on parents new to the school process.

PTA UK decided to launch the welcome packs, which include a tips from experienced parents to help parents that may find starting school life a little daunting. The packs are set to reach over 80,000 new parents, helping to ease first day nerves.

The packs also include advice on how parents can work with teachers to play a more proactive role in their child’s education, to help their learning and attainment; every child should be given the best possible opportunity to learn and succeed in the classroom.

Emma Williams, executive director at PTA UK, adds “Parental involvement in education is incredibly important, and in some cases has been found to add the equivalent of two to three extra years to a child’s education. Yet the first day of school can be just as daunting for parents, as it can be for children, especially when they’ve never experienced it before. So, to make it that little bit easier for parents and children we are working with Parcelforce to deliver these welcome packs to as many schools as possible; giving parents some much needed support, and showing them that no matter how much time they have to offer, their involvement in their child’s education need not end at the school gates.” 

As well as the helpful tips and advice, the packs include a letter welcoming parents to their school and PTA, some worksheets, crayons and a range of special offer vouchers. There is also the chance to win £250 through a prize draw, and 11 micro scooters through a drawing competition, inviting children to share what they think their first day at school will be like.

Any teachers or PTAs who are interested in receiving packs for their school this September, can sign up at: www.pta.org.uk/Member-Benefits/PTA-Welcome-Pack.

Page Published: 13/07/2015