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Progress on FGM campaign - June 2014

This year has seen significant progress in the campaign to tackle FGM. NAHT issued guidance to members (available here) in late February and was an active participant in the Guardian newspaper's energetic campaign to persuade Michael Gove to write to all schools in early April 2014, alerting them to this issue and urging them to take all possible steps to identify and protect potential victims.

It was reported last week that just over half of schools had opened this communication, howevever this may be explained by it having arrived in the midst of a wider posting.

The wider campaign has shown signs of success. There have been some arrests and it is certainly the case that awareness has been raised. The key message is that ongoing vigilance is required. Experts working in the field have asked NAHT to emphasise to members that one of the highest risk times is the summer holidays, particularly for girls in year six. The DfE has issued further guidance on this point.

NAHT advises you to read the DfE communications and to be aware of the guidance material available.

Page Published: 05/06/2014