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 Primary Futures: our children, their futures  

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Primary Futures has been developed by NAHT in partnership with the charity Education and Employers Taskforce to help raise the aspirations of young children.

The project aims to help children understand the link between learning in school and the world of work so  they will be motivated to improve their academic performance. 

Through Primary Futures schools can access a vast network of volunteers from different backgrounds and professions to share their experiences of work with children. 

Volunteers simply register their details via www.primaryfutures.org and local schools can then get in touch to arrange a meeting. The scheme does not only benefit schools and children, of course; it also gives local people an opportunity to find out more about the great work going on inside our primaries.

Primary Futures is free to all state schools and is part of the Inspiring the Future programme which has already been successful in building links between employers and secondary stage schools. 

Children who can see the relationship between what they are learning and the possibilities it opens up for them in later life are more likely to be motivated to achieve. Getting the chance to meet a wide range of people in different jobs is particularly important for those children from disadvantaged backgrounds who may have only limited access to successful role models in their local communities.

How to register
Follow the link here and click on the 'sign up' tab when you reach the Primary Futures landing page

                              Primary Futures news

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NAHT launches ‘Who's in Health’ a new partnership with the Medical Schools Council 

NAHT is proud to announce the next phase of the highly successful Primary Futures project, a free, national scheme developed jointly with the Education and Employers charity.

Primary Futures has already given primary schools access to thousands of volunteers who are willing to talk to children about their jobs and in doing so inspire them and broaden and raise their aspirations. Volunteers from the world of work are able to help children to see the relevance of what they are learning in the classroom, particularly reinforcing the importance of literacy and numeracy. Medics Month is the next phase of this project.

A landmark report by the Medical Schools Council’s Selecting for Excellence group last autumn revealed that just two fifths of doctors attended non-selective state schools with narrow social groups dominating medicine.

The report stressed that much more needed to be done to make a difference to social mobility in the UK and broaden the talent pool from which excellent doctors can be drawn. It suggested that the “journey to medicine” should start in primary schools and called on the medical profession to play its part by developing links with primary schools. 

NAHT and the Medical Schools Council have joined forces to get a volunteer from the medical profession for every primary school in the country. That’s around 18,000 schools. 

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Page Published: 27/08/2014