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NAHT comments on social mobility and child poverty commission report

School leaders' union NAHT believes this new report shows the urgent need for greater collaboration between schools.

Russell Hobby, NAHT general secretary said: "Whatever challenges the education system faces - and there are few more pressing than narrowing the gap - it is usually the case that some school, somewhere, has already solved it. We rarely need new initiatives, we need to spread what works more widely.

"This report shows that there are schools where children from disadvantaged backgrounds are outperforming the average for all children. It can be done. 

"NAHT believes that there are three lessons to learn. Firstly, all schools should be encouraged to join together in a variety of trusts and federations with a real agenda to share best practise and skills. 

"Secondly, we need a better approach than floor standards to raise ambition. The new reading campaign, Read on Get on, shows a better way. 

"Thirdly, if we're serious about ending educational disadvantage we must start early. Investing in the skills of staff in early years and in the funding for early intervention is crucial."

 NAHT’s Manifesto for Education contains five key points that we believe all political parties should sign up to:

The establishment of a college of teaching, which would support all teachers to exercise best practise in the classroom

The introduction of an office of education responsibility to devise and manage a five year plan for reform, driven by the profession and based on evidence of what works in the classroom.

To prioritise early years in funding and status

To promote a self-improving school system where school leaders lead critical reviews of schools, working in partnership with Ofsted and not at odds with it

Ensure fairer admissions policies which fast-track pupils from low-income families

You can read the NAHT manifesto for education in full here: http://bit.ly/1BLx3cZ.

Page Published: 06/10/2014