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NAHT’s ‘Change Checklist’ to help parents and carers prepare children for starting school or moving up to secondary


Maintaining routines at home in the face of change at school is just one of the tips offered to parents in the latest leaflet from school leaders’ union NAHT and partner charity, Family Action.

The Ready to Learn leaflets offer simple suggestions for parents and carers on subjects such as keeping healthy, wellbeing and, the latest in the series, Preparing for Changes at school.

The ‘change checklist’ in the leaflet has been compiled by a working group which includes NAHT president Gail Larkin and immediate past president Bernadette Hunter, both head teachers with many years of experience, along with staff from Family Action who work directly with families.

Head teacher Bernadette Hunter, said: “We are just breaking up for what we hope will be a lovely sunny summer and this break will give families time to talk about changes ahead in the new term.

“We want children to remember with a smile their first day at school and we have prepared these simple pointers for parents who are new to school life or for those who have a child about to join the world of secondary education.

“Moving schools or even just to new classes can be overwhelming, for both parent and child but with proper preparation it can quickly become a smooth routine. Parents can help by being positive about change and giving children time to talk about any worries or concerns they may have.'

David Holmes, Chief Executive of Family Action said: “We work with thousands of families every year and know from experience that starting school for the first time or moving schools can be daunting for both families and children.  We hope this leaflet will help make those crucial transitions just that little bit easier. We know that a little extra support and encouragement can make such a big difference for both families and children.

We hope the hints and tips in this new leaflet will be useful to all parents in supporting their children and preparing them for changes ahead of the new school year.”

Link to the leaflet: https://www.family-action.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/naht-preparing-for-change-at-school.pdf

Page Published: 10/07/2014