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ChildLine campaign offers tips to help children overcome bullies

For young people, the front door is no longer a barrier between them and the bullies. Online bullying means the torment can happen anywhere.

From 10 to 21 November, ChildLine is encouraging victims of online bullying to start rebuilding their confidence through talking on facebook.com/Childline.

In support of Anti-Bullying Week (17 to 21 November), ChildLine has produced a short video, Three things to try, which provides online bullying victims with practical tips from their peers to take control and boost their self-esteem. Tips include trying small achievable goals like “tonight I am not going to keep refreshing my profile every five minutes” and to “give yourself the permission and time to do stuff that helps you feel on top.”

Do you talk to your students about online bullying? ChildLine is there 24 hours a day (free and confidential) on 0800 1111.

Page Published: 21/10/2014