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‘Bite the Ballot’ aims to empower young people to exercise their democratic right to vote

Looking for a way to inspire your students to become engaged in the democratic process? Campaign group Bite the Ballot aims to empower young people to use their voice to ‘drive the political agenda.’ 

In 2014, the not-for-profit charity came up with the idea of National Voter Registration Drive (#NVRD), a coordinated week of activities to get young people to register to vote. This year, nearly 441,700 people registered. For 2016, it wants to get 750,000 young people onto the electoral register during the first week of February.

Quoted in Bite the Ballot’s partner material, one head of year from a school in Birmingham said: “Bite the Ballot provides an invaluable service by facilitating what can only be described as party-neutral, democracy ‘awakenings’ amongst students. It was fascinating to watch our learners develop from mild interest to chomping at the bit for opportunities to make their voices heard. Truly empowering political engagement at its best.

Bite the Ballot has asked NAHT and NAHT Edge to draw attention to this project and to consider its inclusion on citizenship, and personal social health and economic (PSHE) programmes.

Become an NVRD partner.

Run a local event.

Get your students to register to vote.

Page Published: 08/12/2015