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11 too late to wait for careers advice, says NAHT

Responding to today’s report by the Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy on ‘Careers education, information, advice and guidance’, Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, says: “careers advice and guidance are crucial for equipping young people for the world of work but waiting until secondary school to start this process is leaving it too late.

“We’d like to see careers education beginning at primary school. Our Primary Futures scheme gets people from different careers into schools to talk about what they do and shows that you can talk about work, in an age-appropriate way, even with fairly young children and still have a big impact on broadening their horizons.

“Using the inspection system, with an additional check for Ofsted to make, is not the right lever to pull to guarantee that careers guidance improves. The blunt tool of inspection is not an effective way to drive improvement; investment in skills and good leadership matters much more.

“It would be wrong to make schools the only organisations accountable for careers provision. Without the full engagement local businesses, industry and employers, schools will never be able to achieve what is asked of them. The percentage of potential employers that are prepared to work with schools is still too low.

“Schools serve the next generation by continuing to provide the education that they need to get on in life. Employers who don’t make the time and effort to show what can be achieved with a great education are not shouldering their fair share of the responsibility.”

Page Published: 05/07/2016

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