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Updated Ofsted guidance documents

In preparation for the new school year, Ofsted have updated their Section 5 and Section 8 inspection handbooks, as well as their guidance for inspecting safeguarding.

The inspection 5 handbook has received some minor revisions to reflect the latest education policy on areas such as 'schools causing concern', governance, and national assessment and accountability measures.

The inspection 8 handbook has some more detailed updates to the guidance on monitoring of 'schools causing concern', in light of the Education and Adoption Act 2016, and the revised Schools Causing Concern guidance. This includes requirements relating to statements of action for schools in categories of concern.

A summary of the changes to both handbooks can be found on the Ofsted blog.

The guidance for inspecting safeguarding has been updated to reflect changes to statutory guidance, including new requirements for: annual safeguarding updates for all staff and leaders; availability of a designated member of staff for safeguarding at all times, and; filters and monitoring systems to protect learners from harmful online material.

A summary of changes to the inspecting safeguarding guidance can be found here.

You can find more facts about Ofsted's requirements in their mythbuster document, which aims to dispel myths about inspection that can result in unnecessary workloads for schools.​ 

Page Published: 24/08/2016