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Secondary School Performance Tables do more harm than good, says NAHT

Russell Hobby, general secretary school leaders’ union NAHT said: "Heads, staff and students have worked hard in every secondary school across the country to raise standards at a time of immense turmoil and disruption. We pay tribute to their dedication. 

“Unfortunately there has been so much change that the national statistics generated by the government are increasingly dubious. Comparing one year with another, or one group of schools with another, is precarious at best when the very basis of measurement is different each time. The government must be careful what conclusions it draws. 

“We desperately need stable measures of a stable examination system. We need this in order for data to become meaningful again. We need this, above all, so that schools and teachers can focus on teaching to the best of their ability rather than coping with constant change. 

“The time of change is not over yet, as the government plans to revise the way the Ebacc is used in future performance tables. Yet these tables published today showcase the value of the new Progress8 measure. The Progress 8 measure, only recently implemented, provides the required balance between academic rigour and curriculum breadth. 

“Progress 8 will be overwhelmed by the Ebacc before it has had a chance to prove its worth. The pace of change has become so intense in education that the government is increasingly replacing its own initiatives before they have even been fully implemented.” 

Page Published: 21/01/2016

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