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Secondary school performance tables – Changes to Key Stage 4 and 5 statistical releases

In 2015 the following changes will be made to secondary performance tables:


  • Progress 8 results will be published for the first time for those schools that opted into the new accountability system for 2015
  • Provisional school results will be published for the first time for key performance measures
  • The early entry policy will be extended to cover all subject areas
  • Results will be published for the first time for those colleges offering full-time provision for 14 to 16-year-olds that have pupils at the end of key stage 4
  • Cohort information on pupils with special educational needs (SEN) will change to reflect SEN policy reforms
  • The definition of disadvantaged pupils will change to reflect the 2014/2015 conditions of funding for the pupil premium
  • A contextual indicator will be added to show where the prior attainment of more than 50% of a school’s cohort is based upon key stage 2 teacher assessment as a result of the 2010 boycott of key stage 2 tests.


This year the Department for Education (DfE) will publish provisional secondary school results for key performance measures at the same time as the provisional GCSE results Statistical First Release. On 9 October Iain Bell, DfE’s Head of Profession for Statistics, announced a change to those statistical releases, in that the provisional data due for release in mid-October will show a comparison with both the provisional and final data form 2014. He said: "Since August we have been reviewing and improving the presentation of our statistical releases … Our analysis has shown that every year the results are revised upwards between publication of the provisional data in October and revised data in January.


"As head of profession, I have therefore decided that comparisons in the releases should be made on the basis of comparing this year’s provisional data with last year’s provisional data, to give the most accurate picture of change possible. The revised figures for 2014 will also be published so users can also see the final data."


The full Statement of Intent published in July 2015 can be found here

Page Published: 12/10/2015