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School, college and multi-academy trust (MAT) data publications - 19 January 2017

Today, Thursday 19th January, the DfE has published a range of revised data including performance tables, national and local breakdowns by pupil characteristics, the number of secondary schools who are defined as below the floor and coasting and new MAT performance measures.

Key Stage 4:

  • a statistical first release containing revised 2016 performance data at national, local authority and institution level. This updates the statistics from the provisional release published in October.  It will however include characteristic breakdowns and the number of schools below the floor standard for the first time.
  • coasting schools nationally and coasting schools by local authority - this will be the first time that coasting tables have been published for KS4.
  • performance tables which will include revised headline measures and additional characteristic breakdowns (e.g. disadvantaged students) and a number of additional (i.e. not headline) performance measures – see 2016 statement of intent.

Key Stage 5:

  • a statistical first release containing 2016 performance information at national, local authority and institution level. They include, for the first time, five new headline performance measures: progress in academic and applied general courses; attainment; progress in English and maths (for students without a good GCSE pass in these subjects); and destinations.
You can read a summary of the key findings here

Destinations data for Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students

  • a statistical first release containing revised data showing the 2014/15 destinations of the 2013/14 cohort of students. This updates the statistics from the 13 October provisional release, and now includes data on independent schools. This is also the first cohort of students for which employment and benefits data from the Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) dataset has been used. This links information on education with employment and earnings and has improved coverage in the destinations data.

Access the data summary here


MAT performance data for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 students

  • a statistical first release and sortable spreadsheet containing 2016 MAT level performance data, using the new KS2 and KS4 school accountability measures to show (academic year) 2015-16 progress across MATs at Key Stage 2 in reading, writing and maths, and (academic year) 2015-16 Progress 8 scores. An absence of comparable data due to the changes in school accountability means that updated improvement over time data will be included from January 2018, with this release pointing back to the data released in July 2016. MATs have only been included in the statistics if they have at least three schools with results at KS2 or KS4 as published in the 2016 school performance tables, where those schools had been with the MAT for at least three academic years.

A summary of the key findings can be found here.

Page Published: 18/01/2017