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Open Public Services Network data initiative

This initiative is designed to make secondary school performance data readily accessible to parents seeking information about secondary schools, in particular for the purposes of transition to secondary school. The data is all in the public domain and in one sense cannot be criticised as it represents an attempt to introduce greater transparency into the system.

There are two resources. One is a booklet produced by OPSN seeking to explain educational data to a lay audience and how it is interpreted and hence presented by OPSN and in the second accompanying resource, a website hosted by the Guardian.
The Association's secondary committee will be looking in detail at the interpretation of data and its underlying assumptions. HQ would be interested to hear the views of members. Our major initial reservation is that the current 'live' data is derived from 2012. Parents making use of these resources will not be working on the basis of the latest information. We know that secondary schools in open day season will present parents with up-to-date information but members may well need to be aware that some parents may come armed with information from the Guardian website.

Our advice, therefore, is to access the details on your school on the website. If you feel that it is inaccurate or misleading please inform HQ.

We also feel that there are important implications for primary members. Parents often seek guidance from their primary schools when approaching secondary transfer.

The OPSN booklet is available here.

The Guardian website is here. The contact point at HQ is sion.humphreys@naht.org.uk.

Page Published: 16/09/2013