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NAHT will not endorse Birmingham City Council’s Review Group report of the so called Trojan Horse inquiry

 Russell Hobby, general secretary of NAHT said: “We cannot fully support the conclusions reached by the City Council's review into the Trojan Horse allegations.
 “The City Council has used too narrow a definition of extremism and limited both their process and their terms of reference in a way which excludes critical evidence. We entirely understand the pressures faced by the council but do not feel that their conclusions reflect the full reality in schools. 
 “The Clarke review, sections of which have been reported on in the press ahead of formal publication, reaches a very different set of conclusions from access to a different evidence base. The discrepancies between the two are regrettable and unhelpful."
 “NAHT will however, continue to work with the council and other stakeholders, in order to address the issues identified by the ICA and Commissioner for Birmingham.


Page Published: 18/07/2014