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NAHT welcomes 'refreshing change of tone' on Ofsted's new framework
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NAHT welcomes ‘refreshing change of tone’ on Ofsted’s new framework

NAHT has responded positively to the changes to education inspection announced today by HM Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw.

Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT said: “Today’s speech saw a refreshing change of tone in the national debate on school inspection. It’s good to hear that Ofsted will inspect all settings on an equal basis, approach schools with an open mind and recognise exceptional leadership when it sees it. We have many great schools and many great school leaders in the system. If this is to remain the case, then their work must be given the recognition it deserves. The way the inspectorate approaches good schools tells us much about how the profession is being treated as a whole. Today’s announcement suggests a move away from a culture of suspicion towards a culture of greater trust, with the presumption that good schools are doing a good job, unless inspection reveals the contrary.

“We’re pleased that there will be more practitioners engaged in the process of inspection and are delighted that Ofsted have responded positively to our request for greater independent scrutiny of complaints.

“However, what’s important is what comes next. Ofsted need to ensure that practitioner-inspectors are matched to the sectors they know best, that quality assurance processes are consistently applied and that scrutiny boards are given sufficient freedom to make the changes required to address injustices while maintaining the integrity of the system.  

“Shorter, more focused inspection for good schools is certainly progress from the current framework, but long term we should be building a self-improving system able to regulate its own performance in all but the most challenging cases. That is why NAHT has developed a school peer-review process which we are continuing to roll out across the UK.”

NAHT’s Manifesto for Education contains five key reforms that we would like to see in happen in education, including: 

To promote an alternative to the current adversarial inspection regime, where school leaders lead challenging but constructive reviews of schools, working in partnership with Ofsted and not at odds with it.

You may be interested in our course on understanding and preparing for the new inspection framework. A suite of related courses is also available here.



Page Published: 15/06/2015