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NAHT response to new series of ‘no notice’ Ofsted inspections

Responding to Ofsted’s announcement of a wave of no notice inspections, school leaders’ union NAHT reiterated its firm opposition to this form of inspection.

Russell Hobby, NAHT general secretary said: “Ofsted already has the power to conduct a no notice inspection where there is risk or concern and this is sufficient.

“Routine no notice inspections demonstrate a profound lack of trust in school leaders. They will also paralyse the self-improving school system, making it difficult for heads to spend time out of their schools to help improve standards.”

“At present routine inspections are prefaced by half a day’s notice, so schools are not able to make significant changes for the benefit of inspectors. They are able to cancel meetings which might take senior leaders out of school during the inspection.”

“This return to no notice inspections appears to be motivated by the Trojan Horse allegations but there is little evidence that no notice inspections would have helped those investigations. Instead, they will further damage the profession’s relationship with the inspectorate.

“Ofsted should be about improving schools – something that schools learn from rather than defend against. This punitive, low trust model prevents such learning. NAHT believes that school leadership is about taking responsibility for standards. Our manifesto outlines proposals for reforming Ofsted into a inspectorate that all supports school leaders to continue to improve their schools.”

You can find a copy of the NAHT manifesto here: http://bit.ly/1Db8Oqu

Page Published: 15/09/2014

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