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NAHT reaction to Ofsted report into 16-19 education and training

NAHT is concerned by the findings of this report, which show that changes to the way education and training is provided to this group has not resulted in improved outcomes for school leavers.

Russell Hobby, general secretary of NAHT said: “Ofsted report that changes to the study programmes for 16-19 year olds have not been implemented affectively enough. However, given the speed and the complexity of the change, this is no surprise.

“The report was particularly critical of careers advice for young people and that plans for their progression into the world of work were not clear enough. The recommendations of the report run to two and a half pages, so what is clear is that there will be no quick fix in this case.

“Again we have seen that well intentioned government policy has had negative consequences for young people because of the speed at which changes have been implemented. In this case, not enough time and resources were allocated and we warned government that this would be a likely outcome.

“NAHT fears that the unprecedented pace and degree of change being imposed on schools this September could see this scenario repeated.

We urge the government to provide the resources and guidance recommended in the report to make the 16-19 study programmes a success. We further urge the government to review the plans in place for the many other reforms being introduced this term to avoid further problems.”


Page Published: 10/09/2014

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