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NAHT comment on Ofsted inspections of the first free schools

Commenting on the outcome of Ofsted inspections of 24 of the first free schools, Russell Hobby, general secretary of NAHT (National Association of Head Teachers), said: “We are always delighted when any school does well, whatever sector or category they belong to. Forget the politics: it simply means children are doing well too.

“The success rate of free schools in inspection is almost identical to that of existing maintained schools. It just goes to prove that it is expertise, enthusiasm and dedication that go to making a great school, not any particular status or structure. It suggests that expertise is particularly vital when we dig into the data and see that in a quarter of cases Ofsted had concerns about the quality of teaching in the school or the curriculum being delivered. Should unproven providers really be offered the same freedoms - particularly the freedom to employ unqualified teachers - as those with a more established track record?”


Link to DfE information: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/three-quarters-of-free-schools-rated-good-or-outstanding-by-ofsted-at-first-inspection

Page Published: 01/08/2013

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