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NAHT comment on Ofsted Annual Report

Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT said: “At a time when many schools face incredible pressure, they should be given credit for the fact that there are more children in good and outstanding schools than ever. Much of this is achieved in spite of rather than because of government policy. 

“The Chief Inspector is right to point out that schools improve when they focus on the basics - good teaching and good leadership. Whether a school is an academy or a local authority school is not particularly important in the long run. The all-consuming debate on school structures is a huge distraction from what really matters and yet the government seems wedded to that approach. 

“The secondary sector has been subject to massive structural change both in terms of academisation and in terms of changes to examinations. As we have noted many times, such turmoil stands in the way of a calm and determined focus on the basics and this probably deserves a fair share of the blame for any gap between secondary and primary performance. 

"It is worrying that upheaval in the secondary sector is far from over and substantial change is now happening in primary, particularly with regard to assessment. The government should look closely at its plans for primary education. The gains made here will be put at risk if they don’t.”

Page Published: 01/12/2015

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