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Information slides published to explain the different charts and tables in RAISEonline

Sets of slides have been published containing answers to frequently asked questions about charts and tables in RAISEonline. They are in the folder 'RAISEonline information slides' in the RAISEonline library.

 The slides explain what different 2016 charts and tables show, including:

  • EYFS to KS1 transition table
  • KS2 and KS1 summary tables
  • KS2 scatterplots
  • KS4 scatterplots
  • KS4 summary tables

NAHT had communicated to the DfE member concerns regarding the inclusion of the EYFS to KS1 table in particular.  The new slides answer the three main questions which have been asked about this data :

  1. EYFSP was not meant to be used for progress measures, is that what this table is showing?
  2. Why has the transition table appeared now?
  3. EYFSP is an assessment of the whole child, why then are only reading, writing and mathematics being used?

What is made clear in the information slides is that the transition table is not about progress. For early years to KS1, DfE has not defined accountability measures and there is no national progress measure for children's journeys from early years to KS1, so data in the transition tables should not be interpreted as such.


Page Published: 18/04/2017