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NAHT comment on the findings of the Clarke report published in the press ahead of formal release

Russell Hobby, general secretary of NAHT said: “We are disturbed by the reported findings of the Clarke review but not surprised. They reflect the main concerns we raised in May about improper governance, improper staffing and, ultimately, a narrowing of entitlement for children. These findings describe the reality our members have reported to us over the last few months. 

“We do not need an over-reaction. This is not a criticism of the Islamic faith, but of a narrow current within it. We must celebrate and encourage the contribution of the Muslim community to education and to our country as a whole.

“Urgent action is required to remove from the school system those who are unfit to govern it, and to reinstate and protect those who stood up to them, but we should think about the longer term. Our recommendations remain as before:

·a better to way to raise concerns about governance and remove governors who fail to meet the standards expected of them;

·a form of oversight of schools that looks beyond the raw data;

·a means for staff with concerns to seek help and guidance; and

·a clear statement of the basic entitlement of all children educated in state schools in this country.”

Mr Hobby added: “We need a different means of investigating serious allegations of this sort. We have not benefited from multiple investigations and neither Ofsted not the EFA are designed for this purpose. The method of regulating academies through funding agreements has also been shown to be flawed. 

“We hope that the staff, parents and pupils of Birmingham schools will be given the respect and support they now need to rebuild.” 

Page Published: 18/07/2014